Infusionsoft vs Office Autopilot: Compare The Pros and Cons Review: Pricing, Features & Training.


Updated October?1, 2014

Office Autopilot review was renamed Ontraport Review. Be sure to read my indepth review of Ontraport here.

There are features to love and hate about both automated marketing software application. I will layout what there is to love and hate about both.

?You are about to be overwhelmed with a lot of information comparing Ontraport and Infusionsoft.

If you?d like a nice chart emailed, please send me your email address so I can get it over asap. Also, feel free to visit my recommendation page which tries to summarize the two different automated marketing solutions.

I layout the pros and cons for both Infusionsoft and competitor Office Autopilot. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Much of the decision will come down to your business needs and what features are necessary to run your website.

I categorized each topic and compare and contrast IS and OAP below. Use the table of contents to jump to the features most important to you:

Table of Contents: Go Ahead and Look Around


Startup Costs

Infusionsoft Start Costs

Upfront costs: Kickstart Package is $2,000+
Monthly Subscription: $219 – $379 ? plus many ala carte options
(See packages here)
– Mandatory upfront coaching required
– More down to business culture and experience
– Little pre-sales information help. A [free demo] or video and tutorial is much of the education
– Speaking to a sales rep pre-sale is required; no insta-buy
– No free trial
– No money back-guarantee
– Emails are limited to 500k per month. Period.

Ontraport Startup Costs

Upfront Costs: None required
Monthly Subscription: $297 or $597 ?simple
(See packages here)
– No sales rep required. Instantly sign-up online
– Culture is more entertaining and laidback, see [?How it Works? video]
– Only first month subscription required, no upfront costs
– Little pre-sales information
– No free trial
– Money back guarantee, up to 90 days
– Emails are limited to 100k per month. It?s an additional $99 for each 100k

User Experience

Infusionsoft User Experience

– Required Kickstart coaching session help you form a strategy while learning the software
– To learn and setup takes several weeks to month depending on your skillset and knowledge base along with the complexity of your site
– Campaign builder will automate and save you a lot of time
– Navigation and design is thoughtful
– Challenging for newbies. The required upfront coaching should help
-Wordpress Integration is not built-in and 3rd party integration costs additional for tracking, affiliate center, membership sites, order forms, and landing pages
– Faster customer service available 24/7. No dedicated tech support representative.

Ontraport User Experience

– Orientation process is free with no consultation required
– Setup is easier and learning curve is faster for a newbie
– Performing tasks in Office Autopilot Ontraport are easier like navigation, automation and emails
– Navigation is simpler but design is not as good
– Dedicated and assigned tech support
-Wordpress Integration is built-in functionality with no additional cost for features like affiliate capabilities, tracking, membership sites, order forms, and landing pages
– Tech support hours are decent but NOT 24/7 and a bit slower


Auto-responders and Emails

Both, Infusionsoft and Ontraport do a great job with email functionality and integration. Deliverability should not be an issue for either. It?s important to bring up autoresponders because they rely on deliverability as much as a newly created email.

Infusionsoft Emails and Auto-responders

Email Hosting – is sent from one IP address, If another user gets on the blacklist, it will result in all users getting rejected. Though it should be fixed quickly with their 24/7 email monitoring, it still results in down-time and an inconvenience.
Email functionality ? once you have a template, allows you to broadcast text and HTML emails in only a couple minutes using their drag-and-drop-builder. **TIP: Send BOTH text and HTML versions because not all recipients have HTML email clients. They will receive something like, ?This email is viewable in HTML? resulting in a failed marketing campaign.
– Autoresponders – are dominated vs the competition. Infusionsoft?s Campaign Builder makes it easy to create and maintain with their flexible if-then statements in the drag-and-drop function.

Office Autopilot Ontraport Emails and Auto-responders

– Email Hosting – let?s you use your own IP address for delivering email and won?t be affected by other users. It?s great for heavy users who use both autoresponders and broadcast email messages.
-Email Functionality
? creating a text only or HTML-text email broadcast are easy with Office Autopilot. There is no drag-and-drop creator, unlike competitor Infusion soft which makes formatting a bit difficult.
Autoresponders ? are created in a linear format unlike IS? drag-and-drop user interface which takes a bit more planning when creating the if-then statements. On the plus side, Autopilot offers free voicemail autoresponder messages and also SMS text messaging capabilities (pay for usage.)

Surveys or Quizes (BOTH) can be created using either software solution. Companies like Buzzfeed have seen user conversion and social sharing skyrocket using this type of interaction. You can store each respectable answer with the corresponding customer in the database. That?s awesome!


Testing, Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting

Infusionsoft Web Analytics, Testing, and Reporting

– Web Analytics are intended to collect, measure, and analyze customer traffic to understand and optimize your site for better customer conversion. Knowing this, IS misses the mark and isn?t useful. I would recommend the usual suspects like Google Analytics or
-A/B Testing ? basically, no. Technically it can perform split testing, but it?s a nightmare
Reporting ? can perform endless data combinations but difficult to create and is not visual with charts

Ontraport Web Analytics, Testing, and Reporting

-Web Analytics ? does a great job tracking customer visits, tracking views and conversions. Unlike Infusionsoft, OAP tracks customer usage and can automatically send a marketing email to encourage a visit. Easily integrates a WordPress site using the PilotPress plugin.
– Split Testing
? can easily perform A/B testing of email conversion, subject lines, and landing pages
Reporting ? is limited but easy to view visual graphs and charts using pre-configured data sets like reports for lead sources, ads, and campaigns


Community, Events, Forums, and Customer Service

Infusionsoft Customer Service, Community, Forums, and Events

Customer Service ? are easy to reach on the phone and using online live chat. Given they have a UK office, this allows 24/7 availability. Unfortunately, there isn?t a dedicated customer service representative. On the plus side, they offer super Kickstart coaching but it?s required as a startup cost.
-Community, Forum, and Events ? is clearly the leader when it comes to crowd sourced tech support Q&A for developers. They host several major events like Infusioncon, have online forums, and have several meetups to meet other users and share knowledge.

Office Autopilot Ontraport Customer Service, Community, Forums, and Events

Customer Service ? I really enjoy the idea of a dedicated support hero that understands your business. From the beginning, their setup experience is awesome including campaigns, integration, tracking codes, and much more. Though they have generous tech support hours, it?s not 24/7.?? This could be frustrating late at night when working on your site and you run into a problem or you have a developer in the Philippines, India, UK, or Australia.
-Community, Forum, and Events
? is beginning to host larger events, has a good online community but lacks developer forums.



Customer Relationship Management Capabilities : Infusionsoft is best for B2B solutions vs?Office Autopilot is best for B2C.

Ecommerce ? Forms and Shopping Cart

Infusionsoft Shopping Cart and Forms

– Shopping Cart ? Only option is to use their SSL shopping cart that is difficult to customize. You have the option to use a one of using a one page checkout or a multi-step checkout with their integrated Paypal shopping cart.
– Forms ? offer fair control over the design. In order to have full control of your order forms, it?s recommended to pick up Forminator on the Infusionsoft Marketplace but it will run you several hundred dollars along with developer costs. The downside of IS forms is they much be hosted using Infusionsoft?s secure site; no self-hosted forms are allowed.
-Product Management ? The database works with digital products and subscriptions, bulk uploading, easy product management, and unlimited SKUs.
– Upgrading Products ? you must purchase a 3rd party plugin for Infusionsoft one click upsell. This capability is recommended as it can add dollars to the order average
-Shipping & Fulfillment ? You will need a developer to accomplish fulfillment using the CSV fil though it still won?t be automated. Though it works well with UPS, you will need developer assistance for custom shipping needs
– Membership Sites ? is an add-on function requiring Customer Hub for an additional monthly cost
-Affiliate Program ? Though the Infusionsoft affiliate program is hosted and comes set up on their site, configuration will take some tinkering to fully understand

Ontraport Shopping Cart and Forms

– Shopping Cart ? doesn?t exist. You either need to opt for Infusionsoft shopping cart or use another shopping cart like Magento which run a several thousand dollars.
– Forms ? are easy to create from a single page and don?t require any additional API software. Unlike IS, OAP has self-hosted order forms with automatic WordPress integration along with a bunch of different merchant gateways. Yeah!
– Upgrading Products ? comes built-in on their SSL servers, otherwise you get your own third party software.
– Product Management ? The database works with digital products and subscriptions, simple to manage, unlimited SKUs. Ideal for membership sites.
– Shipping & Fulfillment ? Though more basic compared to IS, it works fairly well.
– Membership Sites ? easily integrates using Office Autopilot?s Pilot Press plugin with WordPress for NO additional cost
– Affiliate Program ? requires more work than IS because it?s self-hosted using their WordPress plugin. Unlike IS that comes setup, this requires a lot more upfront work but then gets much easier to manage.


Marketing Tools: On-Demand Postcards, Voicemail Blasts, Landing Pages

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Tools

-On-Demand CRM Postcards ? requires third-party software like SendOutCards to integrate with the database. Though postcards may seem old-fashioned, it?s a touch point that adds value and could set you apart from the competition.
– Customized Domain Names ? requires an expensive third party app for this capability.
– Voicemail
? You need to add a 3rd party app called Voice Shot. Once you do, all you need to do is record the message and it will broadcast or add to autoresponders which cost $0.15/minute.
– A/B Testing ? Technically available but not easy. Basically, you need third party software for split testing
– Landing Pages ? as all forms on IS, it?s hosted on their server with a limited drag-and-drop form option

Office Autopilot Ontraport Marketing Automation Tools

– On-Demand CRM Postcards ? offers a drag-and-drop visual editor to customize your postcards which also integrates with any autoresponder. Though postcards are an add-on cost, OAP gets a very fair rate given their size.
– Customized Domain Names ? No problem. You can use it for customized emails, landing pages, and postcards
– Voicemail ? built-in feature that is free
– A/B Testing ? No problem, split test is one of their strengths. I love to test my email subject lines and landing pages
– Landing Pages ? Self-hosting is allowed using a WordPress plugin, unlike IS. OAP offers a drag-and-drop web form that?s easily customizable


Additional Features

Additional Infusionsoft Features

– Duplicates ? it?s easy to search your crm database for duplicates and remove
– Integration ? has an entire Marketplace for 3rd party apps and plugins for functionality like membership sites, forms, upsells and downsells, fulfillment, and web analytics. As a reminder, many of these capabilities are not included in the standard monthly rate and are an additional cost.
– Cleanup Mailing Lists ? scours and removes spam requests and unsubscribes automatically. This is especially nice given Infusionsoft pricing plans email limits per month
– API Usage – it?s extremely difficult to work. I would recommend hiring a developer or expert who have knowledge of working with Infusionsoft SDK and API. Make sure you find someone a pro with experience.
– System Customization ? like Apple?s iOS, IS has a closed system. It limits your creativity and requires an experienced programmer familiar with IS SDK and API.

Additional Office Autopilot Features

– Duplicates ? unfortunately, no way to combine contacts in order to remove common duplicates
– Integration ? Unlike competitor Infusionsoft, OAP doesn?t have a huge marketplace for API apps and plugins. Luckily, many of the features are included like, on-demand crm postcards, personal domain names, voicemail, split testing, and forms.
– API Usage ? is easy to use and straight forward. Unfortunately their videos, tutorials, and training have limited API documentation. If you don?t have time to read all the support documents, then I would suggest hiring a consultant or developer whose familiar with Ontraport API.
– System Customization ? more flexible than Infusion soft when it comes to features like SKU upsells and downsells, shipping and fulfillment, and affiliate program.

Have you made a decision? Haha!

As I?ve said throughout the review, there isn?t one clear winner. Remember, no software application is perfect. There are trade-offs and much of it comes down to:

– What industry are you in?
– What features do you need?
– What features can you live without?

It?s not an easy choice but ultimately, once you decide and implement, you will be very happy. You will be able to sleep knowing your automated marketing solution is working for you.

If you are still confused about OfficeAutopilot vs Infusionsoft, feel free to also checkout my recommendation page.

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