Do I recommend Infusionsoft or Office Autopilot Ontraport Software?

Here I summarize and recommend the best marketing automation software for your small business. I will try to make the choice as straightforward and as easy as possible.

If you have a small business, I recommend Ontraport or Infusionsoft software because they are the most robust for the price. Infusionsoft and competitor Office Autopilot Ontraport cost much less than industry titans Marketo and Eloqua. Marketo and Eloqua are offer marketing automation software for enormous enterprise-level clients like Samsung, Canon, Hitachi, Hyundai. Intel, and Sony to name a few. The top large-scale crm enterprise marketing software starts at $3,000 per month.

If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck and not overbuy, I would consider OAP or IS.

The benefits of both packages include: CRM (manage customers and leads, automate sales tasks, view sales and conversion reports, use web forms to capture leads, and manage data), Marketing (build and manage relationships, share social content, track customer results), Automation (build campaigns, automate workflow, qualify leads), and Ecommerce (shopping cart, collect electronically, and grow through affiliate programs).

What is autopilot marketing?

That?s what this software it. Depending on your industry, it?s an autopilot money and online marketing business while you sleep.

Both Infusionsoft or Ontraport have pros and cons in all unbiased reviews. I will try to direct you in the right direction for the best automated marketing service platform, for you.

Recommend Office Autopilot Ontraport CRM?if Your Business is:

  • Blogger
  • Information Promoter
  • Trainer
  • Consultant
  • Speaker
  • Keynotes
  • Coach

Recommended Ontraport Capabilities For You:

  • Need personal assistance (included)
  • New to automated marketing software (easier to learn Ontraport vs Infusionsoft)
  • New to the market industry (staff will do free campaigns for you)
  • High volume email marketer (use your own IP address vs theirs)
  • Split testing (A/B testing) is a pleasure
  • Automate SMS messages and postcards in the mail

Don?t Recommend Ontraport features:

  • If yant a visual campaign builder similar to Infusionsoft customer relationship management software
  • Want to offer multiple and various products in a shopping cart
  • Need 24/7 tech support

If Office Autopilot Ontraport capabilities fit your needs, [click here]


Recommend Infusionsoft CRM?Software if Your Business is:

  • Conventional small business (storefront)
  • B2B marketing and sales (Ontraport capabilities fall short here)
  • Multiple online products using a shopping cart
  • Looking for a powerful CRM system w/email marketing, ecommerce, and affiliate system

Recommended Infusionsoft Capabilities for You:

  • Prefer visual Campaign Builder (included)
  • Like sense of community, meet ups, conferences, and big events
  • Solid Infusionsoft help from tech support at all hours
  • Easy WordPress integration; Infusionsoft plugin connects right into WordPress
  • Easy membership integration; they use an add-on called CustomerHub

Don?t Recommend Infusionsoft CRM?Software Features:

  • Madatory paid training that may cost too much for your budget
  • Web forms takes some manual css development
  • Not easy to use out of the box. Steep learning curve. Requires dedication and time
  • Cannot handle recurring payments with Paypal
  • Sales report are mediocre and tracking reports are inconsistent
  • Internal notifications are not customizable
  • A/B testing is difficult
  • Awkward email functionality; I prefer Mailchimp and Aweber

If Infusionsoft capabilities fit your needs, [click here]

Still have questions about Infusionsoft vs OfficeAutopilot Ontraport? Please feel free to ask any questions. I will do my best.

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