Review of: Infusionsoft Review: Pros and Cons, Pricing, Features, Demo & Trial- Automated Marketing Software

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On September 28, 2014
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PROS: -Campaign Builder, Navigation, Email Cons: -API, Web Analytics

Infusionsoft Review: Pros and Cons,?Pricing, Features, Demo & Trial- Automated Marketing Software

When I was looking for marketing automation software, I needed something that offered true automation without a $1000+ per month price tag. This brought me to software packages Autopilot Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Though there are services such as MailChimp and Aweber, I more power and true automation.

As mentioned in my prior articles, I wanted to know if Infusionsoft was the best fit for my clients. That?s why I created this resource so I can provide various case scenarios without dropping $300 per month from the start. Trial by fire.

Sales Automation Industry Case Studies

Click one of the corresponding case studies and see how Infusionsoft crm software has benefited these businesses:


What is Infusionsoft? ?What is Infusionsoft used for? ?It’s a automated marketing software solution or refered to as crm software for your small business. ?Remember, there isn?t a marketing software automation package that will solve all your wants. Like most things in life, every product has strengths and weaknesses (pros and cons) while others are geared toward specific industries. People like me recommend both Infusionsoft software and Office Autopilot Ontraport depending on your industry. I just want to get the job done without playing favorites! ?Hopefully I can help you with this huge decision.

In the technology world, there are forks in the road which are costly if you decide to backtrack. Windows vs iOS? SquareSpace vs WordPress? Android vs iPhone? Bluehost vs WPEngine? It?s not impossible to switch but a nightmare which costs time and money. You need to decide first if Infusionsoft crm software is the right marketing automation software for you.

Infusionsoft pricing plans don?t offer free trials like Office Autopilot Ontraport software with a 90 day refund. Of course, you can read industry case studies, watch a demo, or ask me a question before you purchase, but it could be costly if you make a bad decision.

Infusionsoft CRM?is Fabulous Pros?But Not Flawless

If you are a business owner like me, you?re a control freak. Sure, I can outsource all my tasks using oDesk, but I want to do everything myself to make sure everything is done perfectly and to my standards. It means I do my own affiliate management, sort mailing lists, membership site management and much more ? all the things Infusionsoft help do, like marketing automation and crm.

How do I and clients leverage productivity and efficiencies? We use software like IS. Smart business!

While I am building the business, Infusionsoft software:

  • Automatically makes sales with personalized content
  • It works 24/7 ?you and I can?t do that!

Remember, everything isn?t always roses. As mentioned earlier, there is no perfect solution for everyone?s need and everything isn?t a snap for Infusionsoft customer relationship management software.

We all have our own wants and needs when it comes to software packages. On the downside of Infusionsoft, it takes a lot of time to make it the program YOU want, updates are on UK time, and has a limited web browser, must bring a merchant account or Paypal, trouble processing recurring Paypal payments, and only language is English.

These are some of the negative IS comments from clients, but not necessarily negative to you.?? This is an opinion, my opinion. Infusionsoft features are specific for some businesses but may not be for you. Maybe Infusionsoft competitor, Office Autopilot Ontraport may fit your needs better. [Here?s my quick recommendation]


Setting Up Infusionsoft and Sales Experience

Before you buy Infusionsoft, you must speak with a sales representative. This may not be ideal in the Internet age, but they want to help answer any questions and make sure your small business is ideal for their product.

First, you need to register for a demo or call an Infusionsoft salesforce rep. You should be in good hands with one of their knowledgeable sales salesforce representatives. If they don?t know the answer to your specific business, they will find someone who does. No problem!

If you need me to hook you up with a sales rep, [drop me a line.]

Remember on my homepage, I said you rarely find a software company that will clearly tell you their inferiorities. This is no different. Their job is to highlight why you should buy Infusionsoft vs Office Autopilot.


Infusionsoft Pricing Plans ? How Much Does it Cost?

This will be a little steep for many small businesses, but cost does translate into features not provided on less robust marketing software like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.

Monthly rates run: $199 to $379 (Detailed pricing and packages here)

For $199 per month, you get the ?essentials? version. Because email files are getting larger and more frequent, Infusionsoft pricing changed and limits the amount of emails sent with this package.

For $299 per month, you get the Deluxe E-Commerce package that allows you to take orders online. In other words, take orders and money while running an affiliate program.

They don?t require a 12 month contract or advance annual payments to lock you into a commitment.

Startup Costs run between $2,000 to $3,000 (Detailed startup packages here)

Infusionsoft Coupon?? does not apply or exist before you ask. The costs are simply as they are stated.

You are REQUIRED to sign-up for the Kickstart package before you receive an Infusionsoft login and account.

Infusionsoft expert training and coaching ? is included on how to customize your small business marketing tools. If you have an Infusionsoft developer for integration and implementation help, you also want to involve them.

Infusionsoft consultants – want you to succeed. They are not in this for you to use the software for a month or two. They are looking to faithful following for the long run. You may be a marketing software whiz, but it?s worth the money to work with an Infusionsoft expert to teach you the ropes.

The Kickstart package will not be billed together with your monthly rate. The Kickstart package is a separate charge.


Setting up Kickstart

Infusionsoft expert in a snap? It?s not going to happen! I would line up your first kickstart session IMMEDIATELY. You start paying monthly usage fees the moment you sign up irregarless of when you take your first kickstart one-on-one class.

Kickstart trainers have done this so many times that training only gets better each time. Again, they want to keep you long-term and build loyalty and word of mouth.

They want a long Infusionsoft customer lifecycle – utilizing the best the software has to offer. Many people sign up for software, use it briefly, then give up. The clincher is they still keep paying monthly usage fees without canceling. Don?t waste your time and money. For newbies, these one-on-one coaching classes are essential for setting up your Infusionsoft app.

Infusion app will get setup during your coaching session. You and your coach will determine how to customize the software to your business needs. Once your needs and wants are determined, you?ll learn how to set it up.

Of course, for more savvy users, the coaching maybe used in setting up particular niches or functions of your site.

Setup Period: 6 to 12 weeks

Getting started is simply talking to a sales rep, but that?s just the beginning!

Hire an Infusionsoft Expert and developer if you?re uncomfortable. If you are a run-of-the-mill technology and computer guy like me, then expect 6 to 12 weeks to start getting the true value out of the software and the automation benefits

Understand your skills ahead of time. If you have a deadline, then you may want to find an expert. On the other hand, if you have 3-6 months to implement your site with average skills, then you can go that route. There is something rewarding about developing something yourself and ultimately understanding your business from the ground up.


Infusionsoft CRM has some gems in this review

Every solid piece of software has features that standout and have gems that aren?t found everywhere.

Search ? Should be simple but isn?t always the case. Go to the top right and you can find anything. My favorite feature of search is the ability to search for any affiliate, contact, order, etc. It doesn?t stop there. You can save these searches and create reports from them. The customized searches you create can generate a report anytime you?d like. That is awesome time savings!

Navigation (Improved) ? thoughtfully crafted. You should get the hang of things after a few minutes. Like the searches, there is a function in the Infusionsoft app that lets you save your favorites.

In addition, the ecommerce software has a six step setup where you can quickly begin taking takings order.

Campaign Builder (Improved) ? This Infusionsoft feature rocks! What makes it is the drag-and-drop feature. Prior to this improvement, only solutions like Eloqua and Marketo provided this functionality.

For those not familiar, a campaign allows you to automate a set of tasks while visually displaying it in an intuitive fashion. Simply:

  • Drag and Drop functions
  • Create and add content
  • Publish it!

You can quickly create automation tasks and funnels using their visual drag-and-drop campaign builder. This feature clearly puts it ahead of Infusionsoft competitors. To be clear, it doesn?t create functionality but makes things easier as a user.

Infusionsoft?s demo featured Navigation – In the Spring of 2012 keynote conference. This feature made a lot of people on the fence take another look at Infusion soft.

Multi-Demographic Tech Support ? If you are like me, I am working on my site all hours of the day and night. Most tech support companies have a long ques for several minutes to hours. Personally, I like calling in the late evening when I am working on my sites.

Infusionsoft UK maybe the best place to call if your programmer is working in India or the Philippines while you and I are sleeping. It could actually work to your advantage as they should get quicker tech support.

Email ? we all need it, we all use it, and this one is great. What?s particularly nice is email looks splendid on all mobile devices when using plain text HTML. I recommend setting up a customized template in the editor for your business needs, style, and look.

Cleanup database ? we all have a computer with duplicate files whether it?s Word documents or even your iTunes library. This Infusionsoft function should make cleaning your data duplicates a snap.

Infusionsoft Culture and Community is Excellent ? offers a great environment for users. In addition, Infusionsoft forums are a great place for Q&A. They not only?offer online community and newsletters, but also have group meet ups where you can meet with like users. I particularly like some of the tremendous speakers they bring to their big user conference, Infusioncon.

Now for the ?bad? ?otherwise known as the pros and cons.


Cons of Infusionsoft Software Review

Infusionsoft crm is great but no software or service is perfect. My pet peeve at a restaurant is when the server says, ?everything is great.? It?s unrealistic that all 30-50 items are outstanding. There has to be some mediocre and even some not so good dishes. That same applies here. Let?s discuss them ?

Lacking expedited Customer Service ? As mentioned early, all software companies have peak times for technical support and Infusion Soft is no exception.

For complicated issues, a senior tech via email could take up to 2 days for an answer, bummer. Online live chat could take up to 30 minutes. Ultimately, the fastest way to receive Infusionsoft tech support is by phone. Remember, the best time to call is off peak hours unless you have a speaker phone.

Web Analytics are Meager ? Since Spring 2012, Infusionsoft crm software has offered web analytics. Honestly, they?ve been found unreliable in determining how well your marketing is effort is going. Unfortunately, it doesn?t track your lead source. Really?

There are some good tools out there like Clicky, or Kissmetrics to see how customers are interacting with your site.

Reporting is less than ideal ? Like most, they will tell you all their functions are incredible. In reality, their default reports are useless. To get something out of it, you have to spend some time and create your own reports.

Their ?Box-O-Stats? widget reports are basic. Like I said earlier, you need to create your own reports to get something worthwhile. In order to know customer conversions, you must buy additional 3rd party apps.

Infusionsoft API is needed to tie into an external dashboard package ? if you want data displayed visually. If you are like me, I like to see my data visually. If you agree, then you will need the external dashboard.

Order Forms – As you may have noticed, their Summer 2012 release was a big year for them with many advancements, like worthy order forms, but ?

Infusionsoft software requires you to host order forms on their site @ * What a headache!

  • Bad for tracking
  • Bad for customer conversion
  • Branding
  • Tracking

If you are a SSL site, then this makes no sense, but if you don?t host a secure site, then I guess it?s no biggie.

Infusionsoft API ? Simple, don?t do it and don?t get involved ? it?s a mess. If you really need to use the Infusionsoft API, make sure you find a developer who?s an expert, a real expert. If you don?t find a qualified API developer, then you will be paying for their learning curve and wasting a lot of time and money.

The API has been built upon and built upon and ultimately can?t handle the growing software. We can only hope they rebuild the API. In the meantime, if you can wait before using the API, then do so. I would not be surprised to see a new API. ? This will save you additional cost in converting the old API to the new.

Split-testing ? If you are familiar with SEO and web marketing, then you are familiar with split testing aka A/B testing. There is no good way of split testing in the Infusion soft software. Nowadays, I can?t go a couple days without reading an article about A/B testing my email copywriting, landing pages using Leadpages, site design using, and more. Contact me if you?d like some good A/B testing software.

Infusionsoft Email ?The Blacklist? ? This hasn?t happened to me but it?s a thought. Remember, their email is all sent out using, the same domain and IP address. The concern is if a user blasts a bunch of spam and gets on the blacklist. Infusionsoft email marketing, for everyone, will be on the blacklist and there is nothing I can do.

Will Infusionsoft tech support fix this? Of course! But, your marketing rates will smart in the meantime. Headache and cost you money!

The odds are slim but worth keeping it in mind.

Infusionsoft Logo is designed to be Simple ? Your monthly cost doesn?t include everything and is far from a simple total pricing structure. It is probable that you will be paying more than the advertised monthly price tag.

Infusionsoft functionality has increased – with third party add-ons and bolt-on acquisitions. After receiving $54 million in financing from Goldman Sachs, Infusionsoft acquired GmailCore, GroSocial, and CustomerHub. These type of acquisitions result in additional costs, including:

  • Turnkey membership site, CustomerHub
  • Real Analystics
  • Post card follow ups
  • Text messaging capabilities
  • Reports with charts

Extra, extra, extra, extra ?and extra.

These?features will cost you a bit extra, but if you are looking for marketing software automation to get done right, then it?s worth the cost. In the end, you will save a ton of time and money. The benefits far outweigh the cost. This puppy will be running in your sleep!


Is This the Right Automated Marketing Software Solution for Me?

As I mention throughout the site, you want to choose your automation marketing software package once. To switch at a later date would be a terrible and costly experience. I recommend Infusionsoft crm if it fits the bill after reading my entire site. If it has the options you need, is ideal for your business, and is the right price ? then do it.

Infusionsoft free advice is an email a way if you have any questions for me. I can point you in the right direction. I?m like an Infusionsoft service call. Haha!

Grab a demo here



It works and it works overall well. There is no such thing as perfect software but you need to find the best software that?s best for you.

I have read countless stories of how Infusionsoft integration has increased sales and freed up time using automation.

Will it take time? Yes, learning it won?t happen overnight but nothing is learned overnight. But, once you do, you will be ecstatic.

Would I recommend Infusion soft???

Yes, I would recommend Infusionsoft software to anyone that fits the criteria. As you know from this site, Infusionsoft competitor Office Autopilot Ontraport could instead be the right choice.

[To see if your business is right, click here for a recommendation]

Remember, some marketing software packages are better geared toward your business which makes Infusionsoft vs Ontraport a big decision. Hopefully I can save you some time and money. As a website owner and creator, I don?t want you to also go through my rough road.

Infusionsoft Free Resources

Infusionsoft jobs include doing a wonderful job educating users about marketing automation. Surprisingly, they don?t do such a hot job providing upfront sales information.

These are a few resources they do offer to help you along: