Review of: Office Autopilot Ontraport Review: Pros and Cons, Pricing, Features, Demo & Trial

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On September 28, 2014
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PROS: WordPress Integration, Membership Sites, Landing Pages CONS: CRM, 3rd party API

Office Autopilot Ontraport Review:?Pros and Cons, Pricing, Features, Demo & Trial

Office Autopilot Ontraport Review Personal Knowledge

How can I not be happy with Office Autopilot Ontraport crm? It?s not only an automated marketing solution. ?It also handles my sales process automation. It?s an all-in-one business software solution.

Office Autopilot features are perfect for people running expert sites like celebrity speakers, coaches, counselors, mentors, trainers, consultants, and keynotes. Is the software limited to ?expert? types? ?Heck no. ?Is the software perfect? ?No. ?Let me tell you more in this marketing software review.

Sales Process and Setup

Unlike Infusionsoft competitor, Office Autopilot Ontraport does not force you to speak to a salesperson. If you prefer, you can just sign up for demo software. []

Just to clear something up. In 2012, Office Autopilot changed their name to Ontraport. Most people tend to interchange the name. Office Autopilot affiliate, also?known as, Office Autopilot Ontraport.


Ontraport Sales Process

It?s quite easy and straightforward. Once you know the difference between Infusionsoft vs Ontraport software, then simply [sign up for a demo.]

Here?s what I like about their not pushy sales process:

  • No upfront costs unlike Infusionsoft Kickstart ?saves money!
  • No ?car dealer? type of sales pressure. Big fan!
  • Salesperson available upon request
  • Buy now. Infusionsoft requires a salesperson vs Office Autopilot
  • [90 day money back guarantee] is a relief. ?Infusionsoft requires upfront training and monthly subscription. ?Office Autopilot costs nothing if you are not satisfied within 90 days. ?It’s a?trial period with a refund.

Please make sure it?s a good fit before diving in. Be sure to visit my recommendation page where I lay it out.

I really appreciate the 90-day money back guarantee offer. ?It usually tells me they have confidence in their software product. ?MailChimp and Aweber are less complex software services that refer to it as a ?trial.? Given the complexity of Office Autopilot Ontraport, you are either in or out. You are not going to spend 90 days customizing, then change your mind later. ?It works or it doesn?t.

I particularly like Ontraport customer service. Once you sign up, a tech support will walk you through your setup.


Ontraport Pricing Plans ? How Much Does it Cost?

Office Autopilot Ontraport cost is mostly included in their monthly subscription price. You tend to get nickel and dimed at alternative Infusionsoft.

Required Upfront Fees: N/A

Monthly Subscription Cost: $297 to $597 (Click here for pricing)

Office Autopilot pricing packages have two choices: ?Pro? and ?Team.? It depends on your usage and traffic: number of contacts, emails per month, and number of users.

What?s particularly nice is they offer an ala carte pricing. ? You can?simply bump up to 100k more emails or 100k contacts for only $99 additional. ?Many other companies would force you automatically upgrade to the ?Team? package.

There are some glaring problems with their pricing and package choices:

  • Both packages cap the emails per month at 100,000. I understand email nowadays takes up a lot of storage and resources but that?s too low. Btw, Infusionsoft pricing plans are also capped
  • Wish they had a smaller starter package. Many customers looking for marketing automation software are not a ?Pro.? I know many startups that don?t have anything near 25k contacts. Ontraport consultants will direct smaller businesses to [SendPepper]. ?Send paper launched in 2009 and is referred to as Office Autopilot?s ?little brother? for entry-level small or local businesses.
  • Even their ?Pro? package allows only 100k emails with a 25k contact cap. Are you telling me I am limited to marketing all my contacts four times a month? Weak! Especially if I am paying almost $300 per month.
  • Hard to believe, but the ?Team? package is even worse!? It?s capped at 100k emails for 100k contacts which translates into one stinking email a month. ?Really? ?You need to at least multiple my email contact by 4-8 times. That means I can send an email out to my contacts 1-2 times a week per month ? doable.

I would rather have them bump the Office Auto Pilot Ontraport price a bit and allow more email capabilities.

Ontraport Coupon or Discount ? does not exist before you ask. ?The costs are simply stated and straightforward.


Setup and Customer Service

Timeframe: 1 to 4 weeks setup

OfficeAutopilot Ontraport Expert setup team and customer service is their best part.

As stated on their pricing package, they include 2 hours of implementation (for free) with Office Autopilot Ontraport vs Infusion soft does not.

Here are a couple wonderful things their support staff does for you:

  • Walk you through the setup process
  • Assist setup your automated marketing solution and campaign
  • Integrate your platform with WordPress, Stripe, Wistia
  • Setup forms like Leadpages, gravity forms, plug-ins

I can?t speak for everyone, but Office Autopilot Ontraport tends to be easier to setup. ?That’s half the battle.

Just like Office Autopilot Ontraport alternative Infusionsoft, they both offer a fantastic knowledge base. ? You get the?Ontraport knowledge base and also help from the beginning from support staff. ?They are looking to give you a hand in any way possible.

Once your small business is integrated with them, it?s awfully hard to switch. They want you to be a happy customer for a LONG time. Starting you off on the right foot is a formula for success.


Competitors Opinions

All competitors will tell you why they are better than their competition. It?s no different when it comes to Infusionsoft vs Ontraport. Here?s are some Infusionsoft features that set it apart from some of the competition:

  • More robust
  • Fully features shopping cart
  • Stronger CRM
  • Larger company

All these maybe true, but not necessarily a game stopper. It all comes down to which automation marketing software is best for your needs. Be sure to read my recommendations page to help decide.


The Good Features That You?ll Love – The Pros and Advantages

Intuitive Learning Process ? You should feel comfortable setting it up in a relatively short period compared to similar competitors. It?s still not going to be easy and quick, but manageable. You still may need to hire a Ontraport consultant or developer after reviewing your technical knowledge.

WordPress Integration and Plugin ? This is great news considering WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites. Office Autopilot Ontraport provides a plugin called Pilot Press that allows you to easily integrate forms, landing pages, create a membership sites, and more.

Membership sites – Quick setup. Competitors like Infusionsoft software make you pay extra for membership capabilities! There is no nickel and dim’ing here. You will have this setup in minutes.

Full control of landing pages and order forms ? I like having control of my forms. Ontraport crm allows you to host and edit them on your own site.

Postcards ? you can send one at a time or send a broadcast. Other than the small cost of the postcard, I don?t have to worry about coordinating with a fulfillment center.

Free voicemails ? Though they limit emails, they don?t charge for voicemails in sequences or broadcasts.

Text Messaging SMS ? They have relations with a few SMS providers allowing you the capabilities. You will need to pay additional for a third party provider. Competitor Infusionsoft?s plugin is required from a third party for added functionality.

Excellent Analytics ? we can never have enough information, especially when it relates to marketing to sales. Particularly nice is the ability to track users on the site along with their actions. ? This helps in a/b testing. ?When talking about Infusionsoft pros and cons, their analytics, tracking and stats were a definitive ?con.?

Off-The-Hook Automation ? Office Autopilot Ontraport features automation that is untouchable compared to other marketing automation software applications.

Split-testing ? A/B testing can make such a huge difference on whether your business lives or dies ?whether it does okay vs thrives. It?s critical when performing SEO.

Unlike alternative Infusionsoft , OAP has an editor that allows you to create landing pages with its drag and drop feature. Landing pages are important because they are either used for click through or lead generation.

The leader in landing pages is [ ] It?s incredible at capturing email addresses to build up your mailing and contact list. is a perfect fit for either Ontraport or Infusionsoft. Here are a couple stats about

  • 14,000+ customers
  • 250,000 pages created
  • 50,000 A/B test runs
  • 65,000+ email subscribers
  • 250+ Leadboxes created
  • 20,000,000+ leads generated
  • 70+ Templates

All this in the last 12 months. Seriously consider split testing.??Check it out here if interested,

Use OAP?s SSL and Secure Ordering System ? If you are unsure or new to web hosting, you can use Ontraport?s site as your host. Simply point the domain name to OAP then use their builder and hosting.

Ontraport Email Is Marketing Friendly ? As you may have read on my Infusionsoft blog, you are forced to run all emails through their IP address. I pointed out it?s potentially risky if another user gets everyone blacklisted. Ontraport email marketing allows you to use your own private IP address. You will be less dependent on other users? carelessness. As long as you don?t do anything foolish, having your own dedicated IP address for email is safer.

Office Autopilot Ontraport?s pros and cons are the only fair way to judge the best automation software. That?s what we all want to hear, right?


Where They Fall Short – The Cons and Disadvantages

-Customer Service Accessibility ? They have fairly decent hours:

– 6am-9pm Monday-Friday (Pacific Standard Time)

– 9am-9pm Saturday & Sunday

But, there are many times I work in the evenings when I run into problems but need to wait until the next day. Sometimes I cannot wait a day for an answer and need tech support now.

Duplicate Cleanup ? If you have a iTunes account with music, then chances are you have multiple duplicates. It?s taking up unnecessary space. OAP is not much different, along the way you will have duplicate contacts with similar emails, etc. Unfortunately, the software doesn?t have a function to clean up your database. Given Office Autopilot Ontraport email has monthly caps, this is wasted marketing opportunities.

Underwhelming CRM ? Depending on your needs, you may find OAP lacking in CRM muscle.

Javascript is slow ? Your site is only as strong as your weakest link, as the saying goes. It seems like slow javascript loading is OAP?s weakest link.

Third-Party Integration ? Ontraport alternative Infusionsoft is stronger at handling 3rd party integration. Many people go to, HelpScout, or ZenDesk for a Office Autopilot Ontraport developer for integration help.

Forum – Office Autopilot Ontraport competitor Infusionsoft has great a great community forum for developers on their site for users. OAP is lacking in this area of tech support.

Ontraport Affiliate Center Hosting ? Infusionsoft software has a place where affiliates can get their links, but it will COST you. OAP requires you to have your own WordPress


How?s The Long-term Outlook?

When Office Autopilot rebranded itself, Ontraport features improved the user experience with a much better user interface.

One particular fund fact about Ontraport?s culture is its CEO and founder, Ray Landon, is a serial entrepreneur. He went from a street corner flower vendor to being one of the nation?s top securities day traders to founder of Ontraport, Inc. His mission is to motivate, educate, and enable others to realize their passions and goals by starting their own businesses. Ray prides himself on staying in constant communication with his 70+ teammates, clients, and partners.?? It?s reassuring that he and the Ontraport mission is to grow it strategically and methodically.

Office Autopilot Ontraport job is seen as having a great mission planned for the future of software automation. ?I laid out recommendations based on your criteria for Office Autopilot Ontraport vs Infusionsoft. ?Click here and see which industry category tends to be the best recommendation for your specific business.



I think Ray Landon and the Office Autopilot Ontraport support team are great. ?The software is straightforward and does what it says. It automates and saves you time! ?Ontraport costs less than Infusionsoft costs, but be sure it?s robust enough for your specific company. You can?t always base things off of price. Building a business is a marathon and not a sprint, especially when you are integrating complex software like this.

Does it work?


Is Ontraport CRM?Recommended?

Its features are perfect for people running expert sites such as celebrity speakers, coaches, counselors, mentors, trainers, consultants, and keynotes. Is the software limited to ?expert? types? ?No! ?Feel free to ask me questions if unsure.

If this fits the bill, then go and get Office Autopilot Ontraport demo.